Hello, Im Konrad Eyferth

Growing up in West Berlin, after my A-level I was trained for two and a half years as Joiner / Cabinet Maker and my first job was so awful that I fled on a Topsail Schooner and we crossed the Atlantic. As a “ship’s carpenter“ I continued on Tall Ships for some years / as a joiner in Berlin. Later I studied illustration at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (Armgartstrasse).
I now live close to Berlin and have two sons. Drawing comics had been my favorite during my first years as an illustrator. In Hamburg, we had nice comic exhibitions which were good fun.
It is difficult to earn enough money with comics to feed a family. So I went for working storyboards, magazine Illustrations, and schoolbook illustrations or whatever came along. 1996 for 15 years, I had drawn a monthly double-page quiz illustration for GEOlino – a children’s magazine. I usually draw manually with watercolors/acrylic/gouache on paper/canvas and then process these into digital form. If you need an illustration, please give me a call! If You are not satisfied with my work, I won´t charge for it.